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3 responses to “SATURDAY 10/29

  1. Hi –
    Can You add a Link to the OCCUPMKE YouTube Channel that I made?
    Also you’re invited to forward me videos to post which show our Actions/ Activities for general public.

    Peace ~ Cindy P
    ~ALSO – we (OCCUPY MILWAUKEE)!/pages/OccupytheHoodMKE/268550996522816
    are Very Aligned with OCCUPY THE HOOD;!/pages/OccupytheHoodMKE/268550996522816
    Do you think you could add the FaceBook addresses on here? Many notifications / Updates go through the Face Book pages.

    i.e – THIS Event TONIGHT, Wed, Nov 2 is URGENT!!!:!/event.php?eid=171342812956889
    THE PEOPLE’S HEARING – Senate Bill 207 (SB 207)
    Union Hall
    734 N 26th St (Between Wells and Wisconsin)
    Milwaukee, WI………………………………………
    Occupy the Hood attended the public hearing of Senate Bill 207 (SB 207) on Monday, October 24th in Madison, Wisconsin and demanded a public hearing of SB 207 be held in Milwaukee, where the bill would have the most dramatic affects, so that elected officials could explain to their constituents how this bill is in the best interest of the people. We were denied our Milwaukee held public hearing of SB 207 by our elected officials…, but this did not stop us because we are holding our own- The People’s Hearing! The city of Milwaukee needs to be informed about this piece of quick moving legislation so we can FIGHT BACK!

  2. ..Maybe You could make an INFO / LINKS Tab at the top (..???)
    nice page BTW…

  3. ..ANd maybe a TAB for “UPCOMING ACTIONS!!” ~:)

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