This march will leave from Garden Park and will go through Riverwest.

On November 2nd, three people — a UWM student, a UWM teaching assistant, and a journalist — were arrested for marching peacefully in the streets in solidarity with the Oakland general strike. Thankfully, they have since been released, but this event served as a grim reminder that, at least for now, these streets belong to the police.

Come out and show the police that we don’t need their permission to be dissatisfied!

Take back the streets!

Bring banners and friends!

Bring some food to barbecue and stick around for a screening of the film V FOR VENDETTA in Garden park at 6:30.



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6 responses to “WILD WILD riverWEST

  1. OnionMonster

    The “Sheriff” at the occupy camp approves.

    Come to the camp.

    Stay the night.

    I have chocolate.

  2. A few things occurred to me after attending the past two marches where our people were snatched up by the police and we didn’t really have any recourse. If we are to continue to march in the streets, we need a way to resist being detained by the police. I suggest that when the police arrive on scene, everybody lock arms to form one cohesive unit. They will have a much harder time trying to single any one of us out and arrest us if we all act as one. I also think that we need to take action to free individuals detained by the police immediately after the police put their hands on them. Even if there are only 50 of us, that’s probably 5 of us for each police officer. This may escalate the situation, but it is necessary to resist the unjust arrest of our comrades.

  3. Ash

    @bonez: the problem is numbers. when you are outnumbered, there’s not much you can do.

    A couple of days ago, more kids turned out to protest the firing of Joe Paterno than have turned out for all of the occupy protests all over the country put together.

    Apparently, we aren’t the 99%.

  4. Repeating my comment directly at #occupymilwaukee

    I feel our presence nationwide is being discredited by the number of arrests at each protest. We must stand strong and resist bullying by the police, we must protest again to restate our purpose and NOT have anyone arrested. We must resist the police tactics and non-violently release our comrades when they are taken from us. A protest with no bite is just a bunch of people making noise. We want to make noise and tell the police, the city government, and the national government that we ARE the 99%, and we are not to be fucked with. Protest next week, same time, same place, everybody bring a friend and we’ll be twice as large.



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